Corner View: last but not least

They are my brother and his girlfriend. At last they will make me AUNT. For february I will have a little nephew. Not all the news lately are bad. And they say that he will be not the last ;)
Anaia eta neskalaguna dira. Izeko egingo naute otsailerako. Mutikote bat. Eta esaten dute ez dela azkena izango.
Son mi hermano y su novia. Me van a hacer tía para febrero. Tendré un sobrino para malcriar. Y dicen que no será el último.
Need ideas to make cool thing for him.

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  1. fantastic - I love this kind of happy news! I will too become an aunt again in February, and he'll be the last nephew/niece.
    i'll think of some ideas - knit or crochet or what?

  2. happy news!! and what a lovely picture with the news!!!

  3. Felicidades!!! Y con lo creativa que eres seguro que le haces unas cosas preciosas!! Besos y buen finde XXX

  4. Congratulations! That is such exciting new! Babies always bring so much joy!

  5. Congratulations! That is exciting! And wonderful photo!

  6. Un très bon weekend à toi aussi!!! :)
    Amorelou, XX

  7. Great news! Félicitations ;))) I'm happy to read you work a lot for your idea of story. 4 or 5 weeks of hard work... and I hope I'll read and write with you... Have a nice Sunday.

  8. good news! february is not far away. i have been an aunt for two years, but sadly my brother's family lives far away. well, i have a younger sister nearby.

  9. Oh great! I like very much your picture to illustrate this CV :)


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